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Site Appraisal.

For our marina appraisals we would firstly visit the marina or proposed development location. We can also look at a region or length of coastline to identify, assess and recommend locations for a potential waterfront development.

From day one we focus on the market potential for your project, combining our marina market and operational experience with our design and engineering capability to deliver a rounded appraisal of a market of a potential project.


When we visit a site we will be thinking about a range of issues:

  • the appeal of the location to the market
  • where the market will come from
  • what type of market is there already or could develop
  • what they will want from a marina in that location

The question we’re seeking to answer here is: if we build a marina there; can we fill it and how quickly?

Meanwhile our technical team will identify solutions to the engineering challenges whilst looking at the level of investment that may be needed. The environmental constraints of the project are a fundamental consideration to allow us, and you, to understand what you’ll be able to do in the location.

When we consider the overall viability of a project, we’ll give you an accurate initial view on the relative viability of one location compared to another. Our team will then follow this up with further more detailed market study or feasibility study work.

Case Studies

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  • Maintenance Dredging


    Keeping marinas operational throughout the year
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  • Solent Oyster Restoration Project

    Solent / UK

    Leading the Solent Oyster Revival
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  • Land Rover BAR America’s Cup Team Base

    Portsmouth / UK

    Providing specialist berthing in a busy port
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  • Northfleet Harbour

    Kent / UK

    Bringing a historic harbour back into use
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  • Crimea

    Black Sea

    A new marina for the Crimea – but where?
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  • Chatham Maritime Marina

    Medway / UK

    Designing, developing, launching and now running Chatham Maritime Marina
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  • Saxon Wharf Marine Service Centre

    Southampton / UK

    Increasing the capacity for superyacht berthing and refitting
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  • MDL Dry Stack


    Increasing provision of our innovative dry stack service
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  • Port Hamble Marina

    Hamble / UK

    Residential and commercial properties in an iconic location on the Hamble
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