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Financial Forecasting.

How do you know how your marina’s finances are going to work?

We can use our template financial models for marinas and boat yards to evaluate the annual and future cash flows from any marina or boat yard business. We first need to identify all of the potential income streams and the volume of sales that you can expect. This comes from our design and business planning work and uses our experience in assessing the strength in demand for each product or service and the price the customer will be prepared to pay.

From our own marina operations we know, with a high degree of accuracy, what the operational costs will be for any given project. We are able to benchmark against our own marinas and scale up or down to produce an accurate estimate of the operating costs.

We have a good working knowledge of the initial capital cost, and also what future capital replacement and maintenance costs will be.

We are able to use our models, calibrated against our own marinas and from our own experience in the marketplace, to provide marina cash flow projections. These provide the basis for our clients to carry out their investment appraisals, confident that the baseline data is as accurate as it can be at the planning stage.

The models are flexible enough to allow us to assess different performance and operational scenarios. That means you can test their sensitivity against different potential performance outcomes, and refine the vulnerability or robustness of your financial model.

Case Studies

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  • Hamble Point Marina

    Hamble / UK

    Main entrance redevelopment and commercial units
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  • Dauntless Boatyard

    Canvey Island / UK

    Expert advice on the existing site and recommendations for improvement
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  • Woolverstone Lodge Park & Marina


    Leisure destination development at MDL Woolverstone Marina
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  • OneOcean Port Vell

    Barcelona / Spain

    A luxury superyacht marina in Spain
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  • Land Rover BAR America’s Cup Team Base

    Portsmouth / UK

    Providing specialist berthing in a busy port
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  • Sant Carles Marina

    Catalonia / Spain

    A fabulous Spanish destination for MDL customers
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  • Marina dei Cesari

    North Adriatic / Italy

    Improving marina profitability in Italy
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  • Northfleet Harbour

    Kent / UK

    Bringing a historic harbour back into use
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  • Solent Oyster Restoration Project

    Solent / UK

    Leading the Solent Oyster Revival
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